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Strawberry Hills, NSW


David has been photographing for much of his life. Originally from the UK, he has lived in and travelled extensively around Asia. He now lives in Sydney, Australia. His photography reflects the diversity of cultures and architecture around the globe.

David's stock photography, for advertising, books and so on, is represented by Getty Images and Alamy. He is able to produce words to accompany his images, and is happy to licence his images directly for use in books, magazines, websites or for other purposes.

If you would like to contact David, simply click on the appropriate link above. He is also on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DavidHillPhotog

David continually adds images, so if you like what you see, please consider adding him to your watch list. Any favorites or likes will, of course, be greatly appreciated. They do help in finding out what people are interested in, and what to upload more of in the future. So if you like it, favorite it!

A note about image licensing on this website: David has considerable experience in licensing images for stock use. This website does not offer the level of granularity in the licenses it makes available compared with most traditional stock outlets. If the price you are looking at appears too high, then contact David with details of what you would like to licence the image for, and David will provide a more tailored quote. For example, if you are a small company David will *not* charge you thousands for some small-scale advertising use!

The copyright in all images is held by David Hill, and permission is legally required before any use of his images. Note that where a logo is displayed on an image on this website, it will NOT appear on any prints you buy from here.


Guardian angel - Marble sculpture of a female figure by David Hill


HM Bark Endeavour - a replica - with large Australian flag by David Hill


Sunset and boats in a beautiful harbour by David Hill


Spectacular Rugged Japanese Coastline - the Noto Peninsula - Ishikawa Prefecture - Japan by David Hill


Mountains of China - aerial view of Gansu Province by David Hill


Dance of the blue umbrella - Chinese New Year dancing in the street by David Hill


Beautiful tropical sea - beautiful beach - beautiful trees - beautiful sky by David Hill


Pristine tropics - an sand bar leading to a small island in the Pacific by David Hill


Beautiful tropical bay beach and sunset - Ile des Pin - New Caledonia - South Pacific by David Hill


Traditional and modern styles merge - tea shop in Japan by David Hill


Japanese wall - wooden lattice and green creepers by Chie Shimado


Streets of China by David Hill


Beautiful tropical sunset over the ocean with yacht by David Hill


Tranquil temple - pond and cliffside caves by David Hill


Waves lapping against white sandy beach - Kuto Bay - Isle of Pines - New Caledonia by David Hill


View from a plane - beautiful sunset over the Pacific Ocean by David Hill


Boats in the early evening by David Hill


The English way - colourful canal boats at rest by David Hill


Towering art - the painted ceiling above the nave of Uppsala Cathedral - Sweden by David Hill


Ancient gate to a Zen Buddhist temple in Japan - Japanese Zen Buddhism by David Hill


In awe of Zen - Inner gateway of a Japanese Buddhist temple by David Hill


Natural Zen - inner gateway of a Japanese forest temple by David Hill


Steps to serenity - the beauty of Japanese Zen Buddhist temple grounds by David Hill


Uniquely styled Japanese temple gate by David Hill


Timeless Swedish scene - old buildings - cobbled streets - cyclist - Uppsala - Sweden by David Hill


Solar Gold - Nativity of Christ Orthodox Cathedral - Riga - Latvia by David Hill


Solar Silver - Nativity of Christ Orthodox Cathedral - Riga - Latvia by David Hill


Architecture of the Past - a tall Station Clock Tower by David Hill


They don't build them how they used to - Clock Tower of Central Station Sydney Australia by David Hill


Romantic Fairytale Castle by David Hill


Ready for departure - trains ready to depart from under the grand roof of London Paddington Station by David Hill


Japanese tea ceremony by David Hill


English Seaside History - Fishing Boat and Equipment on the Beach by David Hill


English Victorian Seaside Pier - Brighton - Sussex by David Hill


English Victorian Seaside Pier - textured by David Hill


Japanese statue - Jizo - guardian of children in Japan by David Hill


Golden Glow - Kumamoto Castle - Kyushu - Japan by David Hill


Glowing lights of Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia - South East Asia by David Hill


Sandstone architecture - characteristic of Sydney Australia by David Hill


Art and Science in harmony - textured Sydney sandstone statues on a building by David Hill


Contrasting architecture - Old Sydney sandstone with modern buildings behind by David Hill


The grandeur of modern architecture - Hong Kong International Airport main terminal interior by David Hill


Oh I do like to be beside the English seaside by David Hill


Through the trees - a remote coastline on a tropical island by David Hill


Bohemian signs in the atmospheric laneways of Melbourne Australia by David Hill


Four-armed deities guard the inner sanctum of a Hindu temple by David Hill


Rich decoration in Chinese Temple - Sze Yah temple - Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia by David Hill


Worshipers at Batu Caves Hindu Temple - Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia by David Hill